Rodeo FAQ’s

Bull Ride

Event conducted in three divisions, known as 1st Divy, 2nd Divy and Open Bull Rides.  Known as the most dangerous eight seconds in sport, riders get on a large bull and attempts to stay mounted for the prescribed eight seconds. The cowboy tightly fastens one hand to the bull with a long braided rope.Points are awarded for time, skill and vigour for both the rider and the bull! Anything less than eight seconds is considered a no ride.

Saddle and Bareback Bronc

Broken into three divisions, known as 1st Div, 2nd Div and Open.  Aim here again is for the rider to stay on an unbroken horse for eight seconds. One hand is used to hold onto the saddle or the rope in the case of bareback, riders are disqualified if free hand touches the horse.

Team Roping

Like all rodeo events this is also timed, where two riders on their own horses rope the head and the rear legs of steers released in the arena.

Breakaway Roping

Timed event where steers are released in the arena and roped with animal undoing ties on rope used.

Barrel Race

Event conducted at many different levels, junior, seniors, ladies. Timed event where riders ride their own horses around a clover- leaf barrel course in the arena.

Golden Spurs

Myrtleford Golden Spurs made locally by Des Bell local jewellers and Lions member Kevin Wood in Myrtleford and are treasured prizes of the cowboys that receive them.

Who conducts the rodeo

Rodeo is conducted by the Lions Club of Myrtleford and community volunteers on behalf of APRA. All competitors are registered members and complete over a 12 month period for national awards and standing. National Finals are held at the Gold Coast in each year.

Rodeo Stock

All stock used at the rodeo are bred and trained for rodeos.  John (Happy) Gill and Sons are our rodeo contractors and are third generation rodeo family, with roots back to the early travelling circuses.  Gills treat all their animals as family with many having long well-earned retirements at their property at The Rock, near Wagga Wagga.  Grandma Texas Lil, Mum Lil Lil and Daughter Tiger Lil are three generations off mares all still performing at local rodeos.  New Bulls Akubra Kid and High Flier are all following in the family tradition of being good buckers.

Big Screens Replays

To improve the spectacle of the rodeo Peter Summers PSC Sound from Moama will provide video and media services and this year we will have two screens!  Footage show patrons up close and personal what it is like to ride a bull, whilst showing all the thrills and spills again and again.  More importantly the screens will detail who is competing – both cowboy, cowgirl and animal as both the riders and stock are being judged for National standing in this sport.

Screens are also used by us to promote and thank our Sponsors who have naming rights on different events throughout the day

Rodeo Announcer

Terry Murray from Lismore, NSW will announce the rodeo for the second time. Entertaining crowds with his knowledge of riders, stock and rodeo folklore.  His one liners are sublime and sure to entertain the masses again this year.